Call of Duty 7: Black Ops

GTTV Episode 326 - Call of Duty: Black Ops

The latest GTTV episode has been posted on the internet. It shows brand new Call of Duty: Black Ops footage, including an exclusive singleplayer mission, brand new story sequence and a world premiere multiplayer map. The new multiplayer map is called Havana and is located in Cuba.

At the end of the show David Vonderhaar (Game Design Director) answers the following question that's been on everyone's lips: Are Stopping Power (increased bullet damage) and Juggernaut (increased health) returning as Pro perks in disguise?

David Vonderhaar: Not happening.
Check out the full episode below, it lasts about 21 minutes and has some spoilers.

The killstreaks have also been updated with a new picture of the Chopper Gunner in 1st person.

Black Ops 3

Developed by Treyarch, Black Ops 3 is the latest Call of Duty game to be released on the PS3/PS4, Xbox and PC. Featuring new weapons, perks, maps, and scorestreaks the next black ops game is the most ambitious COD game to date. Multiplayer in COD: BO3 will be available on Xbox LIVE (requires Gold Membership), PlayStation Network and Steam.