Call of Duty 7: Black Ops

New Gameplay From E3

During Microsoft's E3 press conference Treyarch was kind enough to show us some brand new Black Ops gameplay footage. The level includes sneaking inside a cave, attacking a helipad and actually hijacking the helicopter there. Watch the video below.

Activision and Microsoft have also revealed that all future Call of Duty add-ons and map packs will launch first on the Xbox 360. The deal between Activion and Microsoft will last until 2012, so when you plan on playing Call of Duty in the next 3 years, you want to play it on Xbox 360.

Black Ops 3

Developed by Treyarch, Black Ops 3 is the latest Call of Duty game to be released on the PS3/PS4, Xbox and PC. Featuring new weapons, perks, maps, and scorestreaks the next black ops game is the most ambitious COD game to date. Multiplayer in COD: BO3 will be available on Xbox LIVE (requires Gold Membership), PlayStation Network and Steam.